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Strona główna Bezpieczny Bank/Safe Bank 4 (69) 2017
Publikacja: 6 marca 2018

Bezpieczny Bank nr 4 (69) 2017, s. 168-182

DOI: 10.26354/bb.

Ewa Miklaszewska
Ewa Miklaszewska works at the Departament of Finance at the Cracow University of Economics

The application of bail-in tool in a bank resolution framework: the evidence from the Italian local and regional banks

Post-crisis bank regulations recognised the need for a creation of a formalized resolution framework which would allow for an efficient resolution of troubled banks, with no or limited use of public funds. However, the resolution schemes are based on complex procedures, which aim at balancing the interests of different stakeholders. The purpose of this paper is to identify and assess the key elements of the resolution framework under the Single Resolution Mechanism (SRM) and the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD), concentrating on the bail-in tool. In particular, the paper attempts to demonstrate that there are some serious economic and social problems, when the resolution procedures are applied to local and regional banks, such as the cooperative sector, illustrating it with the bank resolution experience in Italy.

Key words: resolution, bail-in, cooperative banks

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