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Strona główna Dokumenty Bezpieczny Bank nr 2 (55) 2014
Publikacja: 17 sierpnia 2014

Bezpieczny Bank nr 2 (55) 2014

Spis treści

Jan Szambelańczyk From the Editor 5
Introductory Statement    
Ingo Walter Thoughts on Reputational Risk and Adverse Selection in Banking 7
Problems and Opinions    
Giovanni Ferri From Shareholders to Stakeholders Finance. Recovering Sustainable Finance 11
Panu Kalmi Ethics, Banking and Ownership 27
Reinhard H. Schmidt, Dilek Bülbül and Ulrich Schüwer Savings Banks and Cooperative Banks in European Banking Systems 38
Ewa Miklaszewska
and Krzysztof Kil
The Role of Diversity of Banking Models: Position and Prospects of Polish Cooperative Banks 50
Francesc Relano
and Elisabeth Paulet
Differentiating between Sincere and Insincere Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Evidence from the German Banking Industry 65
Josef Korte Why Closing Failed Banks Helps the Real Economy 85
Magdalena Ignatowski
and Josef Korte
Changing Bank Resolution Regimes – the U.S. Case 91
Mateusz Folwarski The Impact of the Financial Crisis on the Regulations of Managerial Staff Remuneration in Financial Institutions 100


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